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Land use plans

Land use plan (preparatory urban land use planning)

In addition to the preparation of development plans, the planning authority of the municipality also includes the preparatory urban land use planning. The instrument to be applied accordingly is the land use plan, which presents the intended urban development for the entire area of the municipality in cartographic and textual form. It does not develop a legally binding character for the citizens, but represents the basis for the subsequent development plans for the municipality. Thus, the land uses depicted in the land use plan are concretized in the individual development plans and established there in a legally binding manner.

In the following, we will explain the preparatory urban land use planning in more detail. In addition, you will receive further information on the currently ongoing and already completed land use plan procedures.

The land use plan in general

In addition to binding urban land use planning (development plan), municipal urban land use planning also includes preparatory urban land use planning. Under this preparatory planning character, the land use plan is classified as a corresponding instrument and is regulated in the Building Code. It is prepared for the entire area of the Great District City of Schramberg and depicts the intended urban development through the intended type of land use. In this way, all plots of land are prepared for constructional or other use in planning terms. This includes, for example, the representation as residential building area, commercial building area, area for public use, green area, forest area or area for agriculture. The representations listed in the land use plan form the basis for the uses to be defined in the development plan.

The development plans to be elaborated are thus to be developed from the land use plan. In this context, this means that the specifications of the land use plan must be observed in the development plan. In the specific case, this is as follows. As soon as the city of Schramberg draws up a development plan for a new residential area, the land use plan must generally show a residential area. If the land use plan for the relevant areas includes a different land use designation, it must be amended for this area. This can be done in parallel with the preparation procedure for the development plan. While the land use plan only specifies the pure land use - for example, as a residential area - the development plan contains more detailed and more extensive specifications. These include, for example, the location and width of streets, the height of buildings and permissible roof forms or roof pitches.

In this respect, the development plan has a legally binding status, which must be observed by the property owners in the case of a building project. In contrast, the zoning plan is a purely binding plan for the authorities. The representations of the land use plan thus exclusively result in a self-binding obligation of the municipality to implement the plan's provisions. A direct binding effect on citizens does not arise from the land use plan. Consequently, no claims to a building permit can be derived solely on the basis of the representations in the land use plan. The higher administrative authority (Regierungspräsidium Freiburg) is responsible for approving the land use plan.

The land use plan is processed analogously to the development plan on the basis of the procedure laid down by law in the Building Code. The corresponding procedural steps are described in the section on the Development plan simplified flow chart for the preparation of a land-use plan in the standard procedure" are explained in more detail.

According to the legal regulations of the building code, it is possible for neighboring communities to draw up a joint land use plan. This is subject to the condition that the respective municipalities join together to form a planning association. In this context, an administrative community was founded for the Schramberg area, in which the land use plan is processed by the Schramberg city administration. The following municipalities have joined forces in the Schramberg administrative community:

  • Great district town of Schramberg
  • Community of Aichhalden
  • Community of Lauterbach im Schwarzwald
  • Community of Hardt

The total area of the Vereinbarte Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Schramberg covers an area of 137.02 km². Approximately 31,000 people live in the entire area. This data is distributed as follows:

  • Large district town of Schramberg: 21,059 inhabitants* in an urban area of 80.70 km² *.
  • Municipality of Aichhalden: 4,205 inhabitants in a municipal area of 25.75 km² *.
  • MunicipalityLauterbach im Schwarzwald: 2,881 inhabitants on a municipal area of 19.97 km² *
  • Municipalityof Hardt: 2,534 inhabitants in a municipality area of 10.60 km².

* Source: State Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg

Land use plans of the Schramberg administrative community

Current land use plan procedures

Currently, the city administration of the Great District City of Schramberg is carrying out the following participation procedures. You are welcome to send your suggestions and comments on the procedures to the urban planning department. Our contact persons of the Department of urban planning are at your disposal. You can find the announcements related to the respective procedures in the category public announcements.