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Bicycle traffic

Cycling in Schramberg

Cycling in Schramberg has been undergoing major changes for several years. Due to the mountainous topography and a difference in altitude of around 250 meters between the two most populous parts of the city (Talstadt and Sulgen), everyday bicycle traffic used to be less of a focus. This has changed due to pedelecs/eBikes and a change in social awareness.

Cycling promotion

A mobility concept is to define goals and list concrete measures for promoting cycling. These will be implemented according to priority in the next few years.

One current project is the "Sulgen - Eschbronn bike path", which will connect the district of Sulgen with the settlement of "Schönbronn" and the neighboring community of "Eschbronn" along the district road 5532 in a bike-friendly way.

Since 2019, the city of Schramberg has participated annually in the "STADTRADELN" competition. This competition of the association "Climate Alliance" serves the promotion of cycling and relies on participation also in the improvement of the bicycle infrastructure.

Cycle tourism

The cycle path on the former railroad line through the Schiltach valley between the valley town and Schiltach is worth highlighting from a tourist point of view. The bike path connects the city of Schramberg, with its museum and castle landscape, with the neighboring community of Schiltach, with its historic "half-timbered old town". There is also a connection to the Ortenau S-Bahn rail network.

The long-distance cycle path "Panorama-Radweg" crosses the high town district Sulgen. This tourist bike trail runs for about 280 km from north to south through the entire Black Forest.

For day trippers, various signposted bike tours of the "Cycling + Hiking Paradise Black Forest and Alb" are offered. These run mostly along the districts of Sulgen, Tennenbronn and Waldmössingen, as well as the neighboring communities.


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