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Mayor Dorothee Eisenlohr

Dear citizens,

My name is Dorothee Eisenlohr and I have been the mayor of our beautiful Black Forest town of Schramberg since October 2019.

Here with us it is good to live, work, vacation. Like everywhere else, there are of course things here that can be made even better and even more great.

My goals

Revitalizing the hospital site.

The hospital site is to be filled with life again via an investor competition. The site could be home to apartments, so-called "non-disturbing commerce," a hotel and restaurants.

Renaturalizing Schiltach.

Attractive areas are to be created along the banks of the stream where people can spend time and enjoy the quality of life in the city. From an ecological point of view, this will do something good for the stream and its inhabitants.

Strengthening the shopping city.

We want to cultivate our owner-operated stores and, together with the store owners and restaurateurs, do everything we can to ensure that Schramberg remains attractive as a shopping city.

Making public space
more barrier-free.

Schramberg wants to be a city for everyone and is therefore continuously working to reduce barriers in public spaces. In regular walk-throughs with people with limited mobility, we want to discover and remove hurdles.

Schramberg valley bypass forward.

We remain committed to this project, which we have been calling for for many years. We are pleased and grateful that the valley bypass is included in the priority needs of the Federal Transport Plan and that the Freiburg Regional Council is currently carrying out the preliminary planning.

Creating living space in every

From building sites for single-family homes to multi-story apartments, row houses, duplexes and sites for Tiny Houses: The city of Schramberg will create scope for residential development in every part of town over the next few years.

Ensuring education at a high level.

As a mid-sized center, Schramberg offers all types of schools. In close cooperation between the schools and the city as the school authority, we are in the process of creating the best conditions for digital learning as well. Hereyou can get an impression of our secondary schools

Expanding early childhood education and care.

Schramberg's daycare centers agreed early on on a common concept, the infans concept, and are doing very good work here. All providers have a common goal: to give children in Schramberg the best possible start in the educational landscape.

Acting sustainably with a climate protection concept.

We only have one earth, and we have to protect it. In order to take a holistic approach to climate protection in Schramberg and to be able to take targeted action, the municipal council has approved the position of a climate protection manager.

More projects

In addition, there are of course many other projects that we are currently working on at the city administration, in the municipal council and in the local councils of Tennenbronn and Waldmössingen. Please feel free to inform yourself and ask questions! I would be pleased to see you at a committee meeting.

How to reach me

Please feel free to address any concerns you may have to the city government directly to our relevant staff members. If you would like to reach me personally, the best way to do so is:

By email: Dorothee.Eisenlohr@schramberg.de
Via Instagram: www.instagram.com/dorotheeeisenlohr
By letter: Hauptstraße 25, 78173 Schramberg

You can make an appointment with me at:

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