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Culture + Sport


Fasnet in Schramberg

The Schramberg carnival attracts every year numerous visitors and vacationers to the Black Forest: Get to know the fifth season and spend your vacation at carnival time in the Black Forest! From "Dirty Thursday" to Shrove Tuesday in Schramberg in the Black Forest Hansele and witches, Jokele and Schantle, Da-Bach-Na drivers and Narros attract many thousands of spectators to the Black Forest town. The dress wearers and their visitors celebrate the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet on the streets and in the taverns until the early morning hours. For children as well as for adults, the Fasnet is always a great experience, whether on vacation or for the people of Schramberg themselves!

Da Bach Na ride

The Schramberg Fasnet, with its famous Da-Bach-na-Fahrt, shapes the image of the city of Schramberg far beyond the
regional borders. On Fasnet Monday at 1 p.m. sharp, the starting signal sounds and the Bach-na-Fahrt begins. Before that, the canal drivers push their tubs in a procession through the pedestrian zone to the starting point at 11 am. The opening driver in the Bach-na driver dress drives in the undecorated Zuber, with its large bell as the first through the brook - the journey begins. Thousands of spectators stand by the stream and cheer on the riders in the ice-cold floods. 80 riders in 40 colorfully decorated Zuber now fight their way along the approximately 500-meter-long course from the start to the finish at St. Mary's Church.

The well-known Da-Bach-na-Fahrt has been held in Schramberg since 1936. Members of the "young parliament"
met for the traditional sausage salad dinner. There the idea of the Bach-na-Fahrt was born. One decided in Brühzubern the again developed brook "nab to drive". At that time the Fasnetsmontag was still a normal working day. Since the first ride, however, this day is work-free and developed into the most important day of the Schramberger Fasnet.


When the Fools' March sounds on Shrove Sunday in Schramberg-Talstadt and more than 1,000 dress wearers jump to the beat, even non-Schrambergers get goose bumps. The traditional Hansel jump at 2:30 p.m. is the highlight of the street carnival in Schramberg in the Black Forest for the Schramberg fools - and an impressive, colorful spectacle for thousands of spectators at the roadside and at the windows of the houses.

To the sounds of the town music, the friendly Hansel and majestic Narros jump with their bells through the town center of Schramberg in the Black Forest. Also taking part are hundreds of cheerful Da-Bach-na riders, who, with their blue rafter shirts, black pants and the tub around their bellies, are an extraordinary figure of fools. And between all the bouncing and joyful fools tripps the Brüele, a crying fool who always carries an umbrella even when the sun is shining.

Following the Hanselsprung, the pretzel blessing takes place at about 5 p.m. at the town hall: within an hour, about 25,000 pretzels, chocolates, oranges and sausages are distributed among the foolish people.


Carnival Saturday

11 a.m.

Handing over of keys city hall

7.29 p.m.

Rosswaldfasnet of the Rosswaldvereinigung, Athletenhalle

8 p.m.

Guild ball of the fool guild Schramberg, bear hall

Fasnet Sunday

2:30 p.m.

Hanselsprung with pretzel blessing in the city center

7.30 p.m.

Journeyman ball of the Kolping Family Schramberg, Bärensaal

8.15 p.m.

Da-Bach-na riders baptism at the St.-Maria-Church
(departure 8 p.m. at the Narrenbrunnen)

Carnival Monday

10 am

Cat music in front of the town hall

11 a.m.

Zuber parade through the city center

1 p.m.

Traditional "Da-Bach-na-Fahrt" on the Schiltach river

2.30 p.m.

Big parade through the city center

8 p.m.

Da-Bach-na riders' ball, scene 64


2 p.m.

Children's ball in the Bärensaal

4 p.m.

Pretzel blessing in front of the town hall

5.15 p.m.

Closing of the street carnival in front of the town hall

8 p.m.

Rat ball and Fasnetsabschluss with the Elferrat

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