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Clearing and gritting plan

Information clearing and gritting plan

Street map with color coding of clearing stages online here!
PDF file has 2.68 MB and covers the whole city area. It is recommended to look at the plan in a 200/300% zoom.

In 2010 streets were divided into three categories with different urgency. Since then, it has been specified that roads with higher traffic density or steep slopes are cleared or gritted more frequently, while roads with lower traffic density and slopes are cleared or gritted less frequently, or not at all if the snow depth is low. Further, it was determined how the winter service in the streets of these three categories should look like. Even under the new clearing and gritting plan, the public's concern for road safety is given priority. As before, a standard will be achieved that will still be above average in an inter-municipal comparison.

As in other municipalities, Schramberg has a local bylaw that stipulates that residents must clear and grit sidewalks for pedestrian traffic or, if there are none, a strip for pedestrians on the roadway. This regulation is still valid. Here is the gritting obligation statute of the city of Schramberg.
These three categories are as follows:

Level 1:
Classified roads (federal, state, county roads) / In the plan red
Level 2:
Roads that are due to their importance for the city of particular importance and / or particularly dangerous / In the plan green
Level 3:
Subordinate roads / In the plan blue

The main points of the clearing and gritting plan here briefly listed:

  • Reduction of the gritting quantity to 10 g/m². This means that a "white" roadway is tolerated.
  • Level 1 roads are to be gritted a maximum of 3 times a day and level 2 roads a maximum of 2 times a day. Level 3 roads should not be gritted at all, if possible, and if so, only once a day.
  • Level 3 roads will only be cleared when the snow depth reaches approx. 8 cm.
  • End of clearing and gritting duty at 8 p.m. (corresponds to approx. 1 h after rush hour).
  • No removal of snow.
  • Pure gritting only for roads of level 1 and 2, roads of level 3 are only gritted in case of simultaneous snowfall or exceptionally in case of freezing rain / black ice.